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Online Video: The Driving Force For Business

By 2017, two-thirds of the information we consume — research, news, entertainment, you name it — will be in video form

Video Crushes Text In Engagement And Results

* Two minute longer site stays
* 96% higher click-through rates
* 64% greater purchase likelihood


  • Supports video/audio recording and uploading
  • Provides private hosting for all media types, including podcasts
  • Sends multimedia content to multiple locations
  • Enables collection of customer-generated content

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Eliminates the three primary challenges of content marketing:

  1. Need to produce lots of content cost-effectively
  2. Complexity of using video and audio, the preferred content
    marketing media
  3. Hassle of logging into numerous online accounts to broadly
    distribute your multimedia content

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Here is what’s included for one monthly price:

  • Video/Audio Uploader |
  • Video/Audio Recorder |
  • Social Media Distribution |
  • Video/Audio Embed Code
  • Image/File/Text Uploader |
  • Website Connection |
  • Video/Audio Email |
  • Large File Sharing

Please call 888-529-9298 to learn about our licensing and custom configurations options

  • Private Label User Interface |
  • Network Of Sites Syndication |
  • Other System Integrations
  • Additional Destinations |
  • High Storage/Bandwidth Needs |
  • Private Media Server