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Content XLerator addresses the three primary challenges of content marketing:

  1. Need to produce lots of content cost-effectively, including customer-generated content (see Content Types)
  2. Complexity of using video and audio, the preferred content marketing media
  3. Hassle of logging into numerous online accounts to broadly distribute your content

This system is able to do this because it enables enables content authors — using a smartphone, tablet and computer – to record/upload video, audio, image, file and text content and have the submitted content automatically publish to multiple online locations (website locations, social media accounts, marketing emails, custom applications).

Content XLerator enables all applications of online video/audio and simplifies multimedia content distribution — with a feature-set optimized for small to midsize businesses.

As a result, Content XLerator can be used for:

  • Simple recording of video or audio using a webcam, tablet or smartphone
  • Collecting customer testimonials/stories/reviews in all media formats
  • Simple, fast and easy distribution of multimedia content to multiple locations
  • Simple addition of multimedia content to your blog, member site, LMS or eCommerce system
  • Video and audio email
  • Large file sharing
  • Syndicating multimedia content to a network of local affiliate sites
  • Training applications, such as online learning and recording of live demo role-plays
  • Time-shifted communication applications, such as video interviewing