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As Seth Godin says, “Content marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” However, all content marketers face three primary challenges:

  1. Need to produce lots of content cost-effectively (see Content Types)
  2. Complexity of using video and audio, the preferred content marketing media
  3. Hassle of logging into numerous online accounts to broadly distribute content

Larger companies have the financial resources and technology staff to address these content marketing challenges (still, cost and complexity are issues). But, for small to midsize organizations, no good options exist (see Video Management).

With the content marketing explosion and with video rapidly replacing text as the preferred online communication medium, small to midsize business must take action.

“With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their Internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril. Video is the future of content marketing. That is, if it’s not the here and now.” The Guardian – January 14, 2014

That’s why Content XLerator has been optimized – from day one – for the SMB (small to medium sized business) market.

More specifically, we’re focused on meeting the needs of SMBs that would experience great value (more customers, higher prices, greater loyalty, lower marketing costs) by becoming the recognized authority in their market niche. For such companies:

  • Reputation is of great importance to the buying decision
  • Knowledge, expertise and experience of the people in the business is important to a prospect’s buying decision
  • Sharing of expert information and testimonials with prospects and customers is an important element of the business

The categories of businesses that meet these criteria – and, thus, are great candidates for the use of Content XLerator – include:

  • Fitness centers (e.g., martial arts schools, fitness coaches, athletic clubs, gyms, aerobic centers, dance studios, yoga centers, golf clubs, pilates studios, extreme fitness clubs, CrossFit gyms, sports medicine)
  • Information marketers (e.g., book authors, speakers, training companies, online info marketers, religious leaders, coaches, politicians, local media companies)
  • Real estate agents (e.g., residential, commercial, virtual office)
  • Specialty medical practices having a visual outcome from their services (e.g., eye surgeons, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, medical weight loss centers, hair replacement centers, vein surgeons)
  • High end home services that have a visual outcome from their services (e.g., cabinet makers, landscaping services, remodelers, carpet and flooring, painters, window washers, roofers)
  • Business service providers (e.g., accountants, consultants, attorneys, IT services, telephone services)
  • Product businesses with an online store where video product demos would increase conversions (e.g., Zappos has proven the value of video in eCommerce with 6 to 30% increased conversions for products having video demos – and now has over 200,000 videos on their online store)

Content XLerator is THE content marketing solution for the SMB market.