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Content XLerator is an online multimedia platform technology that enables anyone to create and send video, audio, image and text to multiple destinations from a single user interface — using any Internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Although our platform has a wide range of applications, we’re seeing the greatest client interest from these two:

  • Multimedia content marketing for the SMB (small to medium sized business) market
  • Training and communications for a wide range of potential customers

For the content marketing application, Content XLerator enables content authors — via a smartphone, tablet or computer — to record/upload multimedia content (video, audio, image, text) and have it automatically publish to multiple online locations (website, blog, YouTube, social media, iTunes, email). It’s an enabler for the production of PDQ (pretty darn quick) content (see Content Types).

The platform, besides simplifying the management of video/audio, eliminates the hassle of having to log into numerous online accounts and enables user-generated content. For example, a user can take a video on a smartphone and, within several minutes, have it syndicate to their blog and all social media accounts.

For the training and communications application, Content XLerator supports the trend of video rapidly replacing text as the preferred online medium for these purposes. For example, a classroom instructor can have his or her students video-record role plays and have the videos immediately available for viewing and critique in class.

Content XLerator the simple, fast and easy tool for multimedia content marketing and online video training.