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 Multimedia Content Management

Easily Add Video And Audio To Your Blog, Member Site, LMS or eCommerce system

From a single page on your website or a tablet/smartphone, submit multimedia (video, audio, document file, image, text) content to any location on your website — blog, membership website, online learning management system (LMS), eCommerce system.

Upload recordings from your computer or mobile device, record video/audio content using the web recorder, call a phone number to record a conference call or submit document files, images and text. Just select from the top menu the type of content you want to add to your website (video, audio, image, text), pick a destination (e.g., member blog, class files, curriculum updates, eCommerce) and record/upload/submit. Within a few minutes the submitted content will be available on your website.

In addition, you can set up the system so your members/students can use the web recorder on a computer, laptop or smartphone to make video/audio forum submissions, submit assignments in video/audio format or take tests with a video/audio component (e.g., language test, audio essay).

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